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The genre of rock music has grown immensely since its inception in the 1950’s. Today the genre is broken down into many subgroups. Great rock music is also not music that the media focuses in on. Much of the world is only listening to various pop songs. However, there are those who are always in search of truly great rock music and the bands that create it. One such band is Otherwise. Vegas dot com has tons of information about this rising Las Vegas band. Otherwise.vegas can give you the history about how the band got their start. Otherwise.vegas can also provide upcoming album and tour information for new and old Otherwise fans alike.

Otherwise is a great rock band that has produced three albums. Their first self-titled album, Otherwise was released in October of 2005. Otherwise is a band that is truly a Las Vegas born band, with all of its members being from Sin City. Otherwise is comprised of singer Adrian Patrick, lead guitarist/vocals Ryan Patrick, Corky Gainsford on drums/vocals, Vassilios Metropoulos on bass guitar, and Andrew Pugh on rhythm guitar. Like with many rock bands, Otherwise has gone through some band member lineup changes. That though is in the past, and the current members of Otherwise are here to stay. Otherwise is dedicated to their music, to performing, and to their fans. Otherwise fans have the moniker the Wize Ones. Otherwise’s second album, Some kind of Alchemy was released in December of 2009. Otherwise has had a grueling tour schedule, and were on the road performing for much of 2012 and 2013. Otherwise have played many venues and festivals. Otherwise has performed with some other great rock bands such as Three Days Grace, Filter, P.O.D, and Papa Roach. The third album released by Otherwise was released in May of 2012 and was titled True Love Never Dies. Otherwise’s third album has been their most successful yet. The songs “Soliders”, “I Don’t Apologize (1000Pictures), and “Die For You” were massively successful.

After a crazy tour schedule the band went home to Las Vegas for some much needed rest and relaxation. They also began the process of creating their fourth studio album. Titled Peace at All Costs, it is set to be released in September of 2014. They have already released the single “Dark Side of the Moon.” Otherwise is a true Las Vegas rock band that is climbing their way to success. Make sure to check out their latest album.

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